ACL Character Function – Exclude() Function

Greetings and welcome to the latest post in the series ‘Audit Command Language Tutorial‘ for Beginners. The next few posts are going to be dedicated to character functions as discussed in the last post. Each of the following posts will explore a character function in detail with an example. So let’s dive straight in.

The first of these functions is the Exclude function. A very important function for data cleansing purposes. Every so often there are certain special characters that get included in certain key fields in data sets. In order to ensure correct analysis on these key fields, it is required that these special characters be excluded from the field in order to normalize/standardize the data.

Syntax: Exclude(Data Field or string ,<Characters to exclude>)

Example in a script to create a new field using Exclude Function


Example in a workspace to create a new field using Exclude Function

New_GENDER                                Computed

Results from either of the above methods would be that any instance of the character ‘M’ will be removed from any relevant values in the column ‘Field_1’ when creating the new column ‘New_Gender’.

This is an easy enough function to use and apply in any project. The only thing to do is to identify the appropriate instance for implementation. Check out the video for a demo of the function :

This post and the subsequent entries should provide for considerable inputs for you to start playing around with data formatting efforts in your own projects.

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