ACL Character Function – Match() Function

Hi again to my fellows data analysts. Allow me to congratulate you on keeping up with the post for ‘Audit Command Language Tutorials for Beginners’. If you’ve made it this far, you’ve come a long way. You have gained some very practical knowledge of how beginner level data analytics is performed in the professional world. To be very honest, ACL Audit Command Language is not targeted towards very high end analytics solutions given that it is mostly used by Audit professionals.

So without any further delay, lets move on with our study of the Character functions in Audit Command Language. In this post we will be covering the Match() function. This is a powerful little function. This function is used to test values in a given data field. Based on whether the test is ‘True’ of ‘False’, other operations can be performed.

Syntax: MATCH( comparison_value, test <,…n>)

Example in a script to create a new field using Match Function


“TRUE” IF Match(Upper(alltrim(City)),”LONDON”)

Example in a workspace to create a new field using Match Function


TEST_Field Computed
“TRUE” IF Match(Upper(alltrim(City)),”LONDON”)

The objective of the above statements in the Audit Command Language Script and Workspace is to create a field based on whether there is a value ‘London’ in the column ‘City’. Please see screenshot below:


The above example illustrates the use of the function. The above example is one of the ways in how to use the Match function. We can use it for much more than besides just creating a column for flag of ‘True’ and ‘False’. However, the above example provides an insight into the most basic use of this ACL function. In subsequent posts, when we study the conditional statements, this function will take center stage again.

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