ACL – Date Functions

Hello folks. A warm welcome back to the ‘Audit Command Language Tutorial for Beginners’. We have recently completed posts for the most commonly used Audit Command Language String Functions. These functions provide quite an arsenal to be able to format raw data files into useful data points to perform analysis on. We will keep adding more posts to that section as needed in the coming posts. These can be directly accessed through the main navigation bar on this website. Hover on the Audit Command Language link and navigate through all posts for character functions. There will be similar links for other sections in the series ‘Audit Command Language Tutorial for Beginners’.

For now, lets start moving forward with another category of functions in the Audit Command Language. This category is called the date functions. These functions are specifically used for instances to transform or manipulate date values in the raw data. We will be covering the following functions in the upcoming posts.

  1. CTOD( ) function
  2. Date( ) function
  3. Month( ) function
  4. YEAR( ) function
  5. Day( ) function
  6. Age( ) function

A combination of these date functions along with the character/string functions covered up to this gives the users the flexibility to perform much more complex data transformations and data cleansing operations on raw data. Please follow along in the upcoming posts and please let us know if there any specific functions that you readers would like to have discussed.

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