ACL Date Function – Month() Function

Hi folks, this post is a quick continuation of the last post in the series ‘Audit Command Language Tutorials for Beginners’ where we were discussing the Audit Command Language – Date Functions. In the previous post, we explored the  Year function. Using that function, we were able to extract the year from a date field in a date set.

In this post we will discuss the  Month function. This function, just the Year function, extracts the month from the date field in any data set. This functionality, just like the one provided by the  Year function, allow the basis of more complex data transformations based on these detailed values extracted from the date field.

Syntax: Month(Date)

Example in a script to create a new field using Month Function


Example in a workspace to create a new field using Month Function

TEST_Field Computed

The below screenshot displays the functionality of the Month function. The new field ‘Test_Field’ is displaying the value of month of the corresponding dates in the column ‘Date Hired’.

This function, along with the Year  provide a way to add additional data points in an existing data set to allow for more detailed analysis if so required. In the next post, we will cover the function  Day, which also complements these functions. Please the video below for Month function.

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