Audit Command Language – Sort Statement

Welcome to another post in the ‘Audit Command Language Tutorial for Beginners’. We have covered a lot of ground in just the last few weeks. So far we have covered a range of functions and statements which should be enough for entry level data analytics professionals. In that spirit let’s keep building this knowledge base.

In this post we will be discussing the Sort statement. It is quite obvious as to what this statement is used. This statement is used to sort a data set. However, there is a surely a ACL specific twist related to this simple task.

First lets see how we use this command via the ACL GUI. In order to use the GUI to implement the command go to menu -> Data -> Sort Records… . This should result in a pop up window. It should appear as shown below in the screen shots below:

At this stage, click on ‘Sort on’ button to select the field on which to sort the table.

At this you can choose the field by moving it to right column. At this point, you can further click on the arrow icon to sort data ascending or descending.

Once you set up the pop up window as shown, you should be able to get the new sorted table ‘Test’. The syntax would appear as follows:

SORT ON Gross_Pay TO “Test” OPEN

In order to sort the data descending, the script would read as follows:

SORT ON Gross_Pay D TO “Test” OPEN

To further aid your understanding of this statement, please refer to the demo video shown below:

This statement is a simple enough to implement. It can be argued that it is not very useful for investigations or advanced analysis, but it must be noted that sorting data is generally an intermediate step to other major operations like Summarizing data or joining data.

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