Tableau – Installing Tableau Public

Welcome back to the series “Tableau Tutorials”. In this post we would be discussing how you might install tableau on your computer so that you can practice the topics we cover in this series of posts. Tableau is an expensive software tool, which goes from 35 USD per month for personal edition. This should indicate the demand this brand commands.

One way to obtain the software is to work with your current employer and get necessary approvals for the tool. The other way would be to download the student edition, this is a one year subscription provided you provide valid student credentials on the Tableau website. The most easy way for the public to obtain the tool is to download the public version.

Open Tableau Public link in your browser. Provide your email address and download the setup file. Note, tableau public is available for both windows and mac platforms. The tableau public page should look something like this

Once you open the software, you should be able to see a screen something like

This screen may vary slightly if you download an older version (in case you already have Tableau installed on your system). This is the latest at this time. Please pay attention to a couple of elements in the interface as shown in the screenshot. Firstly, the Discover section provides some links to tutorial videos on the Tableau website itself. These can be helpful to gain a better understanding about any concept that you find difficult to understand. The other options is the link, which says, Open from Tableau Public. This is noteworthy because, the public version of the tools only allows users to save there work on Tableau Public Servers. This implies that these area available for the rest of the world and anyone can access anyone’s work for inspiration.

Once you have the software downloaded. It’s time to start looking at working with data files.

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