Audit Command Language – ACL Help

Welcome to ‘Audit Command Language Tutorial for Beginners’ data analyst. In this post, we are going to cover an important aspect of learning and using ACL in real time and what kind of resources do you have at your disposal.

In today’s age ACL Audit Command Language has not seen the traction that most other tools seem to have on the internet. There is virtually no discussion thread on any problems related to ACL. even though this tool is still quite extensively used in many organizations, especially firms involved in audit related projects.

Here are the best and most common resources/tips that would help you to successfully complete your ACL Audit Command Language projects and by extension, your analysis.

  1. ACL Help: Most of us, never rely on the built-in help that comes with most tools. In this case, however, it is not really an option. The Audit Command Language help, s the most important resource you can refer to for any doubts. The help is accessible through search on google and in the tool itself. They appear in the same format mostly. The help would cover all topics of course, from functions to scripting. However, it is not very detailed in most cases.
  2. Get hold of sample Script: Assuming you are a beginner to Audit Command Language, it is highly recommended that you get a hold of any templates or past projects from your colleagues to understand coding techniques most commonly used. Make notes of most commonly used scripts used for creating fields, tables, joins, relations, script structures etc. This way, you can start scripting your projects end to end even without the advanced concepts, which can be learnt over time.
  3. Colleagues:  Make friends with colleagues, who have experience in ACL. Experienced ACL folks, just like any other experts tend to be smug but this is rarely preciously knowledge to acquire.

It is our sincere hope that this site becomes another source for concerns regarding ACL Audit Command Language so that we can learn more and help others who are trying to learn.

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